Peer Review Process

Examination Mechanism for Peers

Publication of Papers in JTTM journal relies solely on the scientific merit and accuracy as determined by our editors and/or peer reviewers, who will also determine whether the paper is understandable and whether the paper makes a valuable contribution to the field. The initiative and comments made by its reviewers were recognized by JTTM.

Initial manuscript assessment

The Editor would first review all submitted manuscripts for a cumulative duration of 3 weeks. While unusual, it is still entirely feasible to accept an extraordinary manuscript at this point. At this point, those denied are insufficiently original, have significant science deficiencies or are beyond the JTTM goals and reach. For analysis, those that meet the minimum requirements are forwarded on to expert reviewers. Usually, it takes up to eight weeks.

Form of analysis by peers

In general, the manuscripts submitted will be examined by two or three experts, who will be asked to determine whether the manuscript is technically sound and descriptive, whether the works already written are duplicated, and whether the manuscript is sufficiently clear for publication or not. The method is double blind peer reviewer.

Examination Reporting

Reviewers are requested to decide if the manuscript is:

  • Is original by specifically showing the goals and the distance
  • Methodologically right is
  • Complies with relevant ethical guidance
  • Has outcomes/findings that are presented simply and endorse the conclusions
  • References accurately to past related study
  • Manuscripts are not supposed to be corrected or copied by critics.
  • Language correction is not a part of the method of peer review.
  • Decision Ruling.

The editor, who is responsible for the final decision to approve or deny the post, is advised by reviewers. On the basis of these papers, the Editors will make a conclusion and, if necessary, consult with the members of the Editorial Board. The decision by the editor is final.

To become a Critic

Please email us if you are not already a reviewer for JTTM but would like to be added to the list of reviewers. The advantages of the JTTM review include the ability to see and analyze the new work in the relevant science field at an early stage and to be recognized in our reviewers list. You will also be able to quote your work for JTTM as part of your criteria for professional advancement. The reviewers of JTTM are volunteers who devote their skills to science and therefore do not make any financial payments.